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Weird Macabre Murders In Midsomer

 Midsomer Murders

When a butterfly collector and founding member of an elite IQ society is found murdered, Barnaby and Winter are thrust into a crime that impacts both their community and the world.

9pm Tuesday MIDSOMER MURDERS Crime Drama
Death of The Small Coppers - School principal Mahesh Sidana, avid butterfly collector and founder of an elitist top-IQ society, is the first victim of a series of weird murders with an MO evoking the fate of caught insects.


Mahesh Sidana is a keen butterfly collector, headmaster of the local school and one of the founding members of the elite global IQ society, Circulus. When his wife discovers his dead body carefully and gruesomely pinned with an industrial drill bit to the wall of his summerhouse, the community goes into shock. It's in the manner of one of the butterflies in his display cases - Mahesh has been made the macabre centrepiece of his own collection!

It's not long before DCI Barnaby and DS Winter turn their investigations to the shadowy Circulus club, which is currently running a series of exams at Mahesh's school to see who will be the next lucky member to be allowed to join. Barnaby and Winter dig deeper and it becomes clear that Circulus has a divisive reputation within the community.

Meanwhile the beautiful lepidopterist Penny Kingdom seems to have many hearts in her hand. She makes it clear to Barnaby that someone is poisoning the environment with pesticides which is why the Small Copper butterflies have disappeared...It's not long before Barnaby and Winter discover some intriguing information, widening the net of suspects further.

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