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Doctor Orders! Binge watch TV with Season 9 of Doc Martin.

Immerse yourself in drama and laughter as we showcase back-to-back episodes Doc Martin Season 9.

1pm Thursday DOC MARTIN SEASON 9 MARATHON – Comedy Drama - Immerse yourself in drama and laughter as we showcase back-to-back episodes Doc Martin Season 9 followed by a behind the scenes special documentary “Farewell Doc Martin”. In this season, Martin's career hangs in the balance as he faces scrutiny from the General Medical Council (GMC) following complaints about his approach to patients.


Doc Martin - The Ninth Season!

Episode #901 – “To the Lighthouse"
Martin's medical career remains under scrutiny as a GMC representative has come to assess him and his surgery. Meanwhile, Al accidentally proposes to Morwenna, and Mrs. Tishell has a new lease on life.

Episode #902 – "The Shock of the New"
Martin's GMC report has arrived. He's required to pass three refresher courses which will decide whether he is deemed fit to practice, starting with a phlebotomy course.

Episode #903 – "S.W.A.L.K."
Ruth is concerned about becoming increasingly forgetful, and is even more perturbed when Martin offers to perform a mini mental state examination. Meanwhile, Louisa plans a special evening to celebrate Martin's birthday, and Al decides to throw Morwenna a surprise engagement party on the same night.

Episode #904 – "Paint It Black"
Martin has his second GMC assessment - mock surgery - and Buddy is missing. Meanwhile, Ken's arrival does not bring good news for Al and Bert, and Penhale is unhappy with the arrival of his predecessor, Mark Mylow who tries to take charge of his investigation.

Episode #905 – "Wild West Country"
Martin investigates a shooting after local farmer Dennis Thorpe shoots Robert, after he took some of his eggs. Meanwhile, Emily returns to the surgery to see Martin after her acne medication causes a bad reaction, and a secret bidder buys the Crab and Lobster pub.

Episode #906 – “Equilibrium"
Martin and Louisa have their first fertility consultation with Dr Emma Ryder. Well aware that Martin is able to perform the tests himself, she reminds him that he is the patient now, not the doctor.

Episode #907 – “Single White Bevy"
Local vet Angela Sim, has to consult Dr Martin Ellingham about a lump in her breast.

Episode #908 – "Licence to Practice"
Wedding bells are ringing in Portwenn with the preparations for Morwenna and Al's wedding. But some last-minute hitches threaten to jeopardize their big day.


8:30pm FAREWELL DOC MARTIN – Documentary - To celebrate its 10 seasons, this special goes behind-the-scenes to share the secrets of the beloved British dramedy Doc Martin.

Farewell Doc Martin

From the show's inception to its final days of filming, learn details about Doc and Louisa's love story, the inspirations for the medical cases, and the real-life filming locations through on-set footage and in-depth interviews with the cast and crew. Uncover the fantastic journey for all involved in the production, and the lasting legacy of this series as the cast and crew prepare to say goodbye.


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