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Investigating the Dark World of Victorian Undertakers

When a close friend of Mr. Potts is murdered, Eliza finds herself investigating the dark and macabre world of Victorian undertakers.

10pm Monday MISS SCARLET AND THE DUKE Crime Drama
An undertaker is murdered, and Eliza and William are actually on the same side of the case.

Six Feet Under – The murder of a prominent undertaker, and Friend of Mr. Potts, reveals that the funeral home industry is both highly competitive and weirdly petty. The investigation uncovers everything from petty larceny and violent intimidation to adultery.

Miss Scarlet and The Duke
Miss Scarlet and The Duke - Six Feet Under

The victim, Mr. Turner, had a combative relationship with a rival named Hardcastle, so much so his will specifies his estranged sister, Francesca, should not sell the business to Hardcastle upon his death. Francesca is his heir but has little interest in the family business. The reason these two drifted so far away from one another is Francesca had an illegitimate child with Hardcastle, who refused to acknowledge the boy or any relationship with Francesca. The revelation of Mr. Turner’s sister having a child after falling in love with John Hardcastle, a family member who has been at odds with the Turners for generations, ends in tragedy for all involved.


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