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Discovering Family Histories and Life's Mysteries

TV Promo image August 14 2020

Sunday 8pm FINDING YOUR ROOTSDocumentary – In each episode, celebrities view ancestral histories, sometimes learn of connections to famous/infamous people, discover secrets, and share the emotional experience with viewers.

Hollywood Royalty – Henry Louis Gates, Jr. helps actors Isabella Rossellini, Anjelica Huston and Mia Farrow unearth surprising new revelations about their family histories, taking them generations beyond their famous cinematic forebears.

9pm AFRICA WITH ADE ADEPITANTravel Documentary – Paralympian Ade Adepitan embarks on an epic journey around Africa, discovering the stories, people and places that make this continent the most exciting on earth.

Africa is the most vibrant and varied continent on Earth, with more than 50 countries, and hundreds of different cultures. Journalist and athlete Ade Adepitan travels across Africa to discover how the continent is changing. From the booming technology of Lagos to Mozambique’s stunning beaches, and from the endangered gorillas of the DRC to Somalia’s war torn streets, Ade sees the best and worst of Africa.

The 3rd-leg of Ade's journey takes him to the East of the continent. Starting at Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania, he visits Ethiopia's booming capital, rides a Chinese-built high-speed train to Djibouti and concludes in war-torn Somalia.

10pm NOVADocumentary Science – Australia’s First 4 Billion Years – Of all the continents on Earth, none preserves a more spectacular story of its origins than Australia. This four-part series takes viewers on a rollicking adventure from the birth of the Earth to the emergence of the world we know today.

Australia’s First 4 Billion Years: Strange Creatures - After the asteroid impact 65 million years ago — believed to have wiped out the dinosaurs — Australia was set adrift on a lonely voyage in southern seas. With host Richard Smith at the wheel, NOVA travels this walkabout continent to uncover how it became the strange island it is today. Australia’s many unusual creatures, like the kangaroo and the cassowary, tell a tale of isolation, change and resilience. Australia’s long history has seen mountains rise and fall, seas come and go, and whole kingdoms of life triumph and disappear. In this final episode, NOVA races down the last 65 million years to the present day.