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Sundial: This paleontologist is traveling the world to bring dinosaurs to South Florida

Cary Woodruff is the inaugural curator of vertebrate paleontology at Frost Science.
Courtesy of Cary Woodruff
Cary Woodruff is the inaugural curator of vertebrate paleontology at Frost Science.

The shadows of hammerhead sharks swimming over visitors at the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science are already iconic.

But the shadows of a much bigger animal are coming soon to Frost Science: dinosaurs.

Frost Science is starting a new paleontology program. And they’re setting their sights on bringing in some of the most popular among fossils.

Few things capture the imagination like dinosaurs. They can carry a movie franchise.

That’s what Frost Science is betting on. They’re already hosting a traveling exhibit through April 23: Ultimate Dinosaurs, which features over a dozen life-size casts of dinosaurs from South America, Africa and Madagascar.

They’ve hired Cary Woodruff to be the first curator for its own paleontology program. Woodruff will spend the next year traveling the world, looking for fossils to start Frost Science’s exhibit.

On the April 3 episode of Sundial, Woodruff tells us how to build a dinosaur collection from scratch and how they’re working to engage the South Florida community in their new paleontology program.

On Sundial’s previous episode, filmmaker Rodney Ascher told us how living in South Beach after college continues to influence his work. He recently returned to his alma mater, the University of Miami, for a screening of his film A Glitch in the Matrix at the Cosford Cinema.

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