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Sundial: Miami's Nicholas Nehamas joins The New York Times to cover Gov. Ron DeSantis

Nicholas Nehemas, center, accepting the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Reporting for their work on the Panama Papers.
Courtesy of Nicholas Nehamas
Nicholas Nehemas, center, accepting the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Reporting for their work on the Panama Papers.

Nick Nehamas had it easy.

He’d go weeks without a byline in the Miami Herald. He’d spend that time working on a deep investigation.

Ok, so maybe not easy. But that’s the life of an investigative reporter. Always quietly toiling away behind the scenes. And then — bam! — a huge splash. If you’re one of the greats. And Nehamas is.

He was part of an international consortium of journalists to win a Pulitzer Prize for reporting on the Panama Papers in 2017. Their work exposed how the powerful shuffle billions of dollars in offshore accounts to avoid taxes.

Nehamas and his Herald colleagues were finalists for another Pulitzer in 2019. This time they exposed how South American gold mining led to street crime, environmental destruction, child exploitation and drug trafficking throughout Florida.

Now things get interesting. He’s going from a slow grind to a fast one. The New York Times hired him away to cover a very specific beat: Ron DeSantis.

Nehamas will follow the governor around the country when DeSantis announces his bid for the presidency — as he’s expected to.

On the April 6 episode of Sundial, Nehemas joined us to talk about his career at the Miami Herald and how he plans to cover the campaign and Florida's governor.

On Sundial’s previous episode, artist Loni Johnson talked about the local exhibit “Give Them Their Flowers,” which pays homage to Miami's Black queer history and community. Johnson's work focuses on honoring the people it was too late to honor in life, inviting us to remember and show love.

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