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This South Florida literary journal gives us a closer look at the strange and occult

Jason Katz is the founder and publisher of the Islandia Journal magazine.
Jason Katz
Jason Katz is the founder and publisher of The Islandia Journal periodical.

Jason Katz thought about all the history, art and stories told daily around South Florida. He figured it could fill a book.

He was wrong. It would take volumes.

So, Katz published the Islandia Journal. It’s a quarterly booklet he started in 2021 that contains the many sides of South Florida. He calls it a neo-tropical periodical.

The latest issue of Islandia Journal takes us to Elliot Key and old Stiltsville.
The Islandia Journal
Jason Katz
The latest issue of Islandia Journal takes us to Elliot Key and old Stiltsville.

There are histories and essays. Poems and beautiful art. Elegies and grievances about the world around us.

That is to say, South Florida is contained therein.

The latest issue features odes to South Florida mythology and mythological creatures. Think Chupacabras and Skunk Apes. It ties into an upcoming exhibit by the American Museum of Natural History.

Katz and the Islandia Journal partnered with HistoryMiami to tell some of South Florida’s own stories of the occult.

On the May 23 episode of Sundial, Katz joined us to talk about some of South Florida’s haunted places and people.

On Sundial's previous episode, Melissa Gutierrez joined us to talk about preserving our South Florida memories through art.

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