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How comedian Gadiel del Orbe's Latino pride helped him go viral

Comedian Gadiel del Orbe got his start making viral videos for Buzzfeed and will performing at Miami Improv.
JD Renes
Comedian Gadiel del Orbe got his start making viral videos for Buzzfeed and will performing at Miami Improv.

The comedian Gadiel del Orbe found internet fame in the palm of your hand.

He started making videos at a time when the power dynamic for entertainment was changing. Instead of a select few calling the shots, he came up during a time when audiences were exercising power with clicks and views.

Digital platforms like Buzzfeed’s Pero Like and others like mitú took advantage of the fact that everyone now had a tiny TV in their pocket. So, they made content for niche audiences. That’s how they went viral.

It opened the door to new voices. It opened the door for talents like del Orbe.

He went from being the funny guy on a Navy aircraft carrier to being that funny guy on YouTube.

Del Orbe focused on the Latino community, specifically making comedy para sus domincanos.

He pokes fun at his own culture. He grew up in New York, which might explain why he has a thing for pigeons which show up in his jokes.

Now the industry’s changing again. And Gadiel is finding ways to change with it. He’s doing more standup now. And he’s back in our city. He’ll perform Wednesday night at the Miami Improv in Doral, looking for pigeons and for laughs.

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