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Miami artist Jason Seife on how to make it big in your hometown

Courtesy of Jason Seife

A field trip to the Miami Art Museum in elementary school showed Jason Seife what the life of an artist could look like.

He was at a Miami-Dade magnet school. An art teacher saw something special in him.

This field trip was Jason’s first time in an art museum. It planted a seed.

That day, he realized that if he kept working at the thing he loved, his art could end up in a big fancy institution.

That day is today.

The Miami Art Museum became the Perez Art Museum. And that’s where Jason has his first solo show in Miami – and a museum. It’s called “Coming to Fruition.”

Jason worked on the pieces in the show for two years. And if you see them, you’ll understand why. They’re sweeping canvases with intricate designs that he hand-painted. Picture a Persian rug but painted on concrete. His style honors his Cuban and Syrian parents.

It’s a big deal for Jason. He didn’t go to art school and he didn’t move to New York. He stayed in Miami and built his career here. Now he’s ready to show us why.

On the Sep. 26 episode of Sundial, Jason joined us to talk about how to make it big in your hometown.

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