The driving force behind hate groups

Oct 26, 2018

10pm FRONTLINE - One of Americaís leading news documentary series, Frontline offers a compelling look at complex, vital and often-controversial subjects.

  • DOCUMENTATING HATE: CHARLOTTESVILLE - An investigation reveals some white supremacists and neo-Nazis involved in the 2017 Charlottesville, Va., rally go unpunished and continue their operations around the country.

For the past year, FRONTLINE and ProPublica have been investigating the white supremacists at the center of last August's infamous and deadly rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. This joint reporting has already shed new and troubling light on the events of August 11 and 12, 2017 ó revealing that one participant in the violence, Vasillios Pistolis, was an active-duty Marine, and that another, Michael Miselis, worked for a major defense contractor and held a U.S. government security clearance.

DOCUMENTING HATE: CHARLOTTESVILLE reveals the investigation into why, nearly a year after the rally, many of the perpetrators of racist violence have not been held accountable; tracing the origins and actions of the white supremacist groups they belong to; and revealing how a series of violent clashes involving those very same individuals and groups preceded the deadly rally in Charlottesville.