An office romance

Oct 16, 2018

 9pm MY DEAR SECRETARY (1948)  Comedy/Romance starring Kirk Douglas, Laraine Day and Keenan Wynn. A romance novelist appoints a would-be writer as his secretary.  Although she is initially dismayed by his work ethic and playboy attitude, they begin to fall in love.  

 When romance writer Owen Waterbury (Kirk Douglas) meets Stephanie "Steve" Gaylord (Laraine Day), he offers her a job as his secretary. Steve, a would-be writer herself, accepts the position but is quickly dismayed by Owen's shabby work ethic and distracting visitors, including Ronnie (Keenan Wynn), his rowdy, mischievous neighbor. Despite their differing outlooks, Owen and Steve get married, but artistic and romantic jealousy just might tear them apart.