Recession remains in the Rust Belt

Oct 18, 2018

10pm FRONTLINE - One of America’s leading news documentary series, Frontline offers a compelling look at complex, vital and often-controversial subjects.  In addition, this award winning critically acclaimed series has affected change in our world: freeing innocent prisoners, sparking U.N. resolutions and inciting both social and political change.  


 LEFT BEHIND AMERICA - Intimate stories of one Rust Belt city’s struggle to recover in the post-recession economy. A report on the economic and social forces shaping Dayton, Ohio, a once-booming city where nearly 35 percent of people now live in poverty.  In the decade since the Great Recession, many American cities and towns have bounced back. But for some small and mid-size cities that were once hubs for innovation and manufacturing, economic recovery has remained elusive. In “Left Behind America,” FRONTLINE and ProPublica ask why — and present an in-depth look at one such city, Dayton, Ohio, as its citizens continue to fight for economic revitalization ten years after the financial crisis.

Gripping and powerful, the documentary chronicles the lives and struggles of Dayton’s working poor as they chase the American dream in the new American economy.