Secrets and Conspiracy Theories

Jan 28, 2020

Tuesday 9pm FRANKIE DRAKE MYSTERIES  - Crime Drama - Set in 1920s Toronto, the all female Drake Private Detectives crack the cases the police don’t dare go near. 

Incorporating a brand of justice that doesn't always follow the law, Frankie and Trudy investigate mysteries and crimes that either the police refuse to take on, or that their clients cannot take to the police at all. Against a backdrop of social change, radical politics and jazz music, the series is immersed in both the real Toronto of the 1920s and the world of mystery and suspense.  


Summer in the CityWhen a body is found in a young man's trunk, the case brings the ladies to the city's upper crust. Guest Starring: Emmanuel Kabongo (21 Thunder, Teenagers), William Melling (Harry Potter films), Grace Lynn Kung ( Star Trek: Discovery).