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Here it is!! The official Weird Florida: On the Road Again trailer!!http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=nmW6CBCQz4QCheck out our crew's posts of the trip below, and for more background on the show click here!!

Highlights from Weird Florida Event

(Theme from Twilight Zone echoes in your head while you read this…)

Picture if you will…

A television studio transformed into a circus sideshow.

A woman eats fire and throws knives at a human target.

A skunk ape lurks in the shadows.

No you have not entered The Twilight Zone.  You have just been painted a mental picture of WLRN’s premiere screening party for WEIRD FLORIDA: ON THE ROAD AGAIN, which happened Tuesday December 11th, in our WLRN studios in downtown Miami.  And yes, it was weird and utterly wonderful!   In attendance were fans, friends, guests from the show who came as far away as Tampa, and our WLRN members.  The food was fantastic, the entertainment was great and the documentary celebrated the Sunshine State’s darker offbeat side. 

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