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A Wealth of Wildlife and Wonder in Hawaii

Islands of Wonder

ISLANDS OF WONDER - A journey to the most remote island chain on Earth, Hawaii.

Thursday 8pm HAWAII: ISLANDS OF WONDER - Nature Documentary - Journey to three of the most exotic, mysterious and remote islands on the planet: Madagascar, Borneo and Hawaii. Isolated from the rest of the world, they harbor remarkable wildlife and pioneering human communities found nowhere else on Earth.

Hawaii, the most remote island chain on Earth, offers sanctuary for wildlife that has reached its tropical shores. From humpback whales to waterfall-climbing fish, it’s home to an extraordinary wealth of wildlife.

SECRETS OF THE DEAD – Nero’s Sunken City - Science/History - Underwater secrets reveal a seaside city where Nero and Julius Caesar once lived.

Beneath the turquoise waves of the Bay of Naples lies an extraordinary underwater archeology site, the ancient Roman city of Baiae. From the first century to the third century AD, Baiae was the exclusive playground for the rich and powerful among Rome’s elite. What made Baiae such a special place? What really went on there? And why did it disappear?

For the first time, an international team of scientists, archaeologists, and historians is meticulously mapping the underwater ruins and piecing together evidence that could provide answers to these questions. Secrets of the Dead chronicles this investigation uncovering what life was like in Nero’s Sunken City.