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Witness The Rebirth of A Continent


"Europe’s New Wild" tells the inspirational story of the wild rebirth of a continent. 

Thursday 8pm Europe’s New Wild - Documentary

Just outside Europe’s most iconic cities, another Europe is calling. Europe’s New Wild takes us on a journey to reveal the spectacular resurgence of nature across Europe’s most varied and breathtaking landscapes. See how dedicated re-wilding teams are on a mission to help bring back species from the brink and restore Europe’s wild nature.

Europe's New Wild

THE LAND OF THE SNOW AND ICE - Lapland, northern Europe’s unique wilderness, is home to the Sámi people, iconic wildlife and a time-honored natural spectacle.

Europe's New Wild - In The Land Od Snow and Ice
Sami reindeer herders and modern conservationists are teaming up in a bid to save one of Europe’s wildest frontiers. Through ice and snow, the link between man and wild is being reforged.

Lapland is one of Northern Europe’s wildest landscapes. It is a unique blend of wild nature and cultural heritage. Here old-growth forests, mountains, glaciers, free-flowing rivers and extensive wetlands co-exist with the indigenous Sami community since millennia. There is no other place in continental Europe with such vast, uninhabited, road-less and wild landscapes as Swedish Lapland. But this seemingly untouched wilderness faces threats – rivers have been dammed, old-growth forest logged and peatlands drained.

Rewilding Sweden is on a mission to protect and restore these lost habitats. Seeking collaboration to make sure both people and nature are benefitting sustainably from wildlife comeback.