The police car chase and gun battle that killed two armed robbers, a UPS driver and a bystander was a chaotic affair that stretched across two counties and involved a slew of South Florida cops.

The ensuing investigation — at least for the public clamoring to know how a police chase broadcast on live television ended in two innocent people shot to death on a busy Miramar street — has been equally confusing.

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A transgender woman gunned down in South Dade. Another burned to death in Clewiston. A third gender non-conforming person bound, beaten and dragged naked by car down the streets of Jacksonville.

Broward County State Attorney's Office Handout

People wrongfully convicted of crimes in Broward County have a brand new option to try to correct their records and repair their lives.

The Broward County State Attorney’s Office announced it is taking online applications for people to request independent reviews of their cases if they believe they were wrongfully convicted. The office’s Conviction Review Unit had a soft launch earlier this year, during which it has been figuring out how the “independent review panels” will operate. 

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Surveillance technology is getting cheaper and easier to access. That goes for the police, but it also goes for private citizens. A neighborhood in the City of Miami has been divided over how they should be using technologies like virtual fence. 

Motorcyclist Arrested In Shooting Death Of Cyclist On Rickenbacker Causeway

Aug 16, 2019
Miami Herald

Kadel Piedrahita, a cycling enthusiast who live-streamed a violent rant about a fellow biker before a morning ride earlier this week across the Rickenbacker Causeway, was arrested Friday for shooting and killing the man during an altercation that was caught live on video.

Piedrahita, 41, was picked up by police at his home Friday morning and is expected to be charged with single counts of second-degree murder and aggravated assault.

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The Broward County Crime Commission held its third annual conference addressing societal violence in Fort Lauderdale on Thursday.

The conference—provocatively called "Society Gone Mad"—offered a series of panels reflecting the more violent themes in our current news cycle: workplace homicide and assault, shootings at places of worship, intimate partner violence, sex trafficking of children, road rage and more. Local experts were asked to identify underlying causes of these crimes, and opportunities to prevent them.

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In Florida, people charged with certain crimes can apply to have their records sealed or expunged. The vast majority of eligible people, however, don’t take advantage of that opportunity. One program,  dubbed “Second Chance, One-Stop,” is looking to change that.


Senator Seeks State Probe In Epstein Case

Jul 23, 2019

State Sen. Lauren Book, a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, wants the state to investigate how the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office handled sex offender Jeffrey Epstein while he was in its custody more than a decade ago.

The Plantation Democrat asked Gov. Ron DeSantis on Monday to direct the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to check an allegation that Epstein, a politically connected wealthy financier, had sex with at least one woman while on work release supervised by sheriff’s deputies.

These burglars came prepared. They cut a hole through the concrete roof and shimmied down into the warehouse. They disabled the alarms. They escaped with $2 million worth of goods.

The stolen booty: 34,000 pairs of high-end fajas, a Spanx-like undergarment popular in Miami's Hispanic community.

The robbery took place last year and was only made public recently. David Ovalle, a Miami Herald journalist, has been reporting the story from South Florida.

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Miami police arrested a woman they said pretended to be an employee of two South Florida TV stations and placed fake food orders at local restaurants.

Cadence Bryant, 52, was booked Friday morning at the police department.

The scene could have come from a novel: an unlocked door, a screaming maid, and an "unobtrusive minor aristocrat" lying in bed with his throat cut.

The last few weeks have been a roller coaster ride of emotions for a California lottery player who, on Dec. 20, believed himself to be the winner of a $10,000 prize.

In the days leading up to Christmas, the man, who has not been publicly identified by authorities, bought a $30 Scratcher ticket at a local grocery store in his hometown of Vacaville, Calif.

Best case scenario, Vacaville Police Department spokesman, Lt. Chris Polen told NPR, the part-time restaurant worker figured any winnings above the cost would put a little extra cash in his pockets over the holidays.

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The Sun Sentinel has released Season 2 of its popular podcast Felonious Florida, with an investigation into a murder that happened nearly three decades ago in Wellington. 

On a Saturday morning in 1990, 40-year-old Marlene Warren opened her door to a surprise visitor: a person dressed as a clown with a delivery of balloons and flowers. The clown proceeded to pull a gun from its pocket, point it at Marlene's face, fire and run from the scene. Marlene was rushed to the hospital and died two days later from her injuries. 

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In a courtroom on Tuesday morning, Andre Gonzales was granted another chance at life.

After serving more than twelve years for a murder outside of a nightclub in Liberty City, prosecutors dismissed all charges against Gonzales. The outcome was the culmination of an effort by the Medill Justice Project, a student journalism project based out of Northwestern University in Chicago.

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John Somerindyke of the Fayetteville Police Department couldn't stop smiling.

"We made an arrest," he told a roomful of reporters on Wednesday. "Finally."

For more than 10 years, police In Fayetteville, N.C., had been trying to identify a serial rapist. They had tied him to at least six rapes in the same neighborhood between 2006 and 2008. They called him the "Ramsey Street Rapist."