A Garage That’s All Glam

Dec 8, 2010

“Eleven-Eleven” was designed by Herzog & de Meuron, the architectural firm that produced the “Birds Nest” stadium in Beijing, and is also behind the new Miami Art Museum.

Developer Robert Wennett wanted to build a garage that would challenge assumptions about what a garage can be, and he wanted to make money off restaurant and retail leases. But he also wanted to create a public space.

They Always Leave, By Jeremy Glazer

Oct 21, 2010
Jeremy Glazer

Jeremy Glazer is a legislative analyst, a former high school teacher, and a Miami native.  On his phone message, he has been known to identify himself as a “future hall-of-famer,” but he says he hasn’t decided yet which hall of fame, or what his achievement will be.  He recently finished his first novel and is looking for a publisher., By Jeremy Glazer

Oct 21, 2010

Jeremy Glazer writes about the ups and downs of  internet dating in his story, Glazer read this piece at a recent Lip Service event at  Books & Books in Coral Gables. It was recorded at the WLRN studios.

A Special Hour On Haiti

Jul 17, 2010

In this episode, we look at how the Jan. 12 earthquake in Haiti changed life here in South Florida. We tell stories from a school that absorbed quake survivors, from a church that opened its doors to the grief-stricken, from lawyers’ offices where Haitians applied for an immigration shield, and from a hospital tent where tired doctors were uplifted by a song.

Interview With Barbara Ann Martin Of Que Pasa, U.S.A.?

Feb 25, 2010

Barbara Ann Martin played Sharon, Carmencita’s friend, on the TV show Que Pasa, U.S.A.? More than thirty years later, she is still recognized by fans of the show in Miami and around the country.   She finds this a little unsettling, but is happy to still make so many people laugh.

Since Que Pasa, U.S.A.?, Martin has worked mostly in communications, broadcast and film production. She  lives in Miami.

Jeremy Glazer Reads “Souvenir”

Jan 28, 2010
Jeremy Glazer

Jeremy Glazer is a legislative analyst, a former high school teacher, and that rare breed– a Miami native.  He identifies himself as a “future hall-of-famer” on his phone message, but he says he hasn’t decided yet which hall of fame, or what his achievement will be.  He recently finished his first novel.

The Last Cougar In Kendall Village

Nov 4, 2009
Florida State Archives

A Lion Among Us

WLRN Miami Herald reporter and Under the Sun associate producer Kenny Malone recently interviewed Angel Pardo, the owner of a 16-year-old cougar named Kimba.  She’s one of just a few mountain lions licensed to live in residential areas in South Florida after new restrictions kicked in last August.

Malone’s piece helps us understand what it’s like having one as a pet, and as a neighbor.

Dave Barry brought Miami, in all of its glory, to the forefront of the country’s consciousness as a syndicated humor columnist for The Miami Herald.  Listen (above) as Under the Sun co-host, Dan Grech, speaks with Barry about his first impressions of the city after arriving from Philadelphia.  In a nutshell: “My God this is the weirdest place I’ve ever seen in my life…I’m not going to bring my family to this insane place.”

Cities Of Refuge

Jun 27, 2009
Carlos Barria

Perhaps more than anyone else, writers understand the need for a safe place to pursue their craft. Unfortunately, in some countries a poem or an essay can lead to persecution, arrest, or worse.  Find out how writers like Russell Banks, Salman Rushdie and

Russell Banks: Miami In A Word

Jun 24, 2009

Russell Banks helped found Cities of Refuge for exiled writers. He is the best-selling author of Affliction and Continental Drift, among other novels. On a recent trip to South Florida, he sat down with Under the Sun’s Ruth Morris to discuss efforts to establish Miami as a city of refuge. She also asked him to describe the city in just one word. Click on the player (above) to hear his answer, and why Miami reminds him of Montreal.

Under the Sun is pleased to announce that we won a grant to produce an episode about all things literary in South Florida.   This third episode aired on Saturday, June 27 at noon on WLRN 91.3 FM and WKWM 91.5 FM.  We are excited to bring you this program about writing and the arts throughout our communities. 

Haitian Cuisine And Stories With Liliane Nerette Louis

May 29, 2009
Trina Sargalski

Good food and good stories are two of life’s greatest pleasures.  I usually write about food at Miami Dish, but today Under the Sun ventures into the culinary world.  Last Sunday, I saw Liliane Nerette Louis present at the Historical Museum of South Florida.  She is all about good food and good stories; she is both an honored storyteller and a masterful cook.

This story originally aired in 2009. But we are still interested in hearing about your design solutions/problems and questions you have about I-95.

In our segment, What’s Up With South Florida?, we invited you to tell us what you find confusing or unusual about South Florida.

The Quest Of Queen Brown

Feb 6, 2009
Kenny Malone

You may have heard of Queen Brown.  Her son was killed two years ago, and ever since, she’s pushed for an end to youth violence.  In speeches and articles, Queen talks about the wrenching experience of losing her son.  But the fallout of his death still haunts her.  Kenny Malone has her story.

Trina Sargalski

In our recurring segment, we explore the ways people in South Florida make a living.  Meet Ryan Esdale, a 17-year-old announcer at Dania Jai A’lai.  He dreams of going pro.  Trina Sargalski produced this story.