Brit's Best in Comedy and Drama

Nov 21, 2017

8pm DOC MARTIN - Comedy/Drama - It's the cantankerous doctor with the questionable bedside manner who's behavior can be so rude, it's like tripping someone on crutches.  As rude as he is, he's a brilliant doctor who makes us laugh at all his social imperfections.  

GENTELMEN PREFER - Martin's first official day on the job may be his last.  He seems to think the surgery is a town meeting place, out on the street. Having reached the end of his tether, he also fires his receptionist Elaine, only to find that pretty well everyone in village now shuns him. His Aunt Joan suggests he should be a little more understanding, but that is not exactly Martin's style. One patient who does remain is Roger Fenn who has a lump in his throat that Martin fears may be cancerous. In a quiet moment, Martin reveals to him the phobia that has caused him to give up surgery and become a GP.


THE HOUSE IN THE WOODS - Teenager Danny Merrick thinks he's seen a ghost at Winyard, a creepy house in the woods near Midsomer Newton. His mother Anne tells house-hunters Caroline and Peter Cave that it could be just the remote cottage they are looking for.  Estate agent Harriet Davis won't let them view the house, claiming it's under offer. Undeterred, the Caves visit Winyard but they are spooked and flee, only to be garrotted with piano wire.

10:30pm THE CAFE - Comedy/Drama - Three generations of a family play host to customers at a seafront cafe in this warm and funny observational comedy series.

DEAL OR NO DEAL - Today is the day that Carol is due to give her answer to Brenda Kiely about whether or not she will sign over the lease of the café. Today is also Carol’s birthday and her family, friends and Cyril’s regulars have organised a surprise birthday party for her to cheer her up. As an unsuspecting Carol has her hair done in the kitchen by Chloe, thinking she is getting ready for a meal out in town, the Café fills with well wishers all wanting to celebrate her big day and hoping against all the odds that Carol will be able to refuse Brenda’s offer. When the time comes for the big announcement what will Carol’s answer be?