The High Stakes of War

Jun 24, 2018

8pm THE TEST - History of the development of the atomic bomb. 

The Test follows the development of the atomic bomb during the mid-1900s, when political stakes were high but understanding of nuclear capabilities and consequences were low. Join us as we go behind the scenes to visit those small communities that were affected by nuclear fallout, and reveal the turbulent struggles of Nevada's Atomic back yard.

9pm WORLD WAR II: THE PRICE OF EMPIRE - The history of the second world war.

Turning Point - Japan has escalated a War in the East, but has roused the might of the United States. Japan’s escalation of the War in the East is devastatingly effective – Malaya and Singapore fall and the myth of European superiority, on which centuries of Empire have been constructed, comes crashing down. But despite Japan’s success it is possible to see, from the start, the inevitability of her defeat – she has roused the might of the United States and the battles of Midway and the Coral Sea foretell the inevitable outcome.

10pm NAZI MEGA WEAPONS - History - Explore how the Nazis built some of the biggest, deadliest pieces of military technology.

V1: Hitler's Vengeance Missile - In retaliation for devastating Allied bombing raids on German cities, Hitler orders the development of a ground breaking weapon. This is the story of one of the most ambitious projects of the Third Reich — the V1. Despite being ready too late to make a difference to the outcome of the war, its legacy is the cruise missile — a weapon that changed the face of war.