WLRN's Weird Florida is Back!!

May 7, 2012

The tremendous success of Weird Florida: Roads Less Traveled, which has aired on PBS stations from Florida to Juneau, Alaska, has attracted an overwhelming response from viewers asking for more strange places.

To fulfill the desires of weird fans everywhere, the bizarre journey to Florida’s zaniest places will continue in an all new, Weird Florida: On the Road Again.

The upcoming episode will feature sites you’ll surely want to visit, like a haunted restaurant in Rockledge where dishes fly off the shelf, a scary hill in Lake County that thrills drivers, New Smyrna’s mysterious ruins, and Key Biscayne’s underwater cemetery.

Once again, your guide for this crazy journey is the utterly kooky 10th generation Floridian, Charlie Carlson, “Florida’s Master of the Weird”, and joining him is his curious canine, Lady Isabel.

Charlie Carlson has appeared on several television shows, including Blockbuster’s rental video “Sticks and Stones”, Sy Fy Channel’s “Curse of the Blair Witch” and in previous episodes of Weird U.S. on the History Channel. In addition to appearances on television and radio, he is author of the best seller, Weird Florida, [Sterling Publishers] plus a dozen other Florida books and over 200 magazine and newspaper features related to Florida’s past and downright weird folklore.

Weird Florida: On the Road Again introduces its newest star, Lady Isabel, a full bred boxer, who has an inquisitive nature. Isabel was just 10 to 12 months old when found wandering the highway in Levy County, Florida. She became number 086 at the Starting Over Animal Rescue in Ocala, until Charlie adopted her as the newest member of the Carlson family. She has a lot of street smarts for having been on her own.

As a very curious canine, Isabel is a people’s dog that loves to chase after lizards and sniff bugs. We know our viewers are curious folks which is why we welcome Lady Isabel as the newest member of our Weird Florida television family.