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How Mr. Miami Marvin went from club promoter to cultural ambassador

Marvin Tapia is a natural spokesperson for Miami-Dade County
Marvin Tapia
Marvin Tapia is a natural spokesperson for Miami-Dade County

If Miami had a brand ambassador, Marvin Tapia would be the guy. He goes by the name Mr. Miami Marvin.

He took Jimmy Butler for Cuban coffee. Schooled John Leguizamo at Domino Park. You’ll find him hosting film crews and hyping Calle Ocho and cultural events.

Before becoming a representative of the community, Tapia was a club promoter. He took the personable skills he gained on his path to become what he is today.

He’s such a natural spokesperson for Miami-Dade, the county made it official. He’s chairman of the county’s Hispanic Affairs Advisory Board. It tries to improve the quality of life for Hispanics in the county.

Marvin Tapia is known as a community leader across Miami-Dade County.
You’ll find Marvin Tapia showing people around Miami's Little Havana Neighborhood.

Marvin reps Little Havana’s monthly street festival, Viernes Culturales. He runs the charitable branch of Only in Dade. And recently appeared in Leguizamo Does America on Peacock.

On the May 16 episode of Sundial, Marvin Tapia joined us to talk about his experience as a cultural ambassador and where his love for the community started.

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