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'Nattie Meets World' connects with her students through TikTok

Courtesy of Natalie Stuart
Natalie Stuart is viral TikToker and teacher at Nova Eisenhower Elementary in Davie.

Just three years ago, Natalie Stuart had never heard of TikTok. Now she’s the famous dancing teacher.

Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of her. Your kids have.

Stuart is the Broward teacher who went viral for using TikTok dances to inspire her third-graders. She’s inspiring a lot more folks now.

Stuart has more than half a million TikTok followers. She goes by "Nattie Meets World." She’s been on the NBC show Dancing With Myself. It’s what you’d get if you gave TikTok a television show.

The kids love her. Parents, too. She uses TikTok as entertainment between lessons to understand what her students are into and how to engage them in a fun way.

Stuart using a cutout of Pitbull as one of her "Teacher's Assistants."
Courtesy of Natalie Stuart (@nattiemeetsworld)
Stuart using a cutout of Pitbull as one of her "Teacher's Assistants."

She calls her students “The Squad" and performs TikTok dances with them on Fridays to usher in the weekend.

She does G-rated TikTok challenges. Complains about the school-issued laptops constantly breaking down.

Sometimes, she even talks about being single in South Florida. And buying herself an engagement ring. She’s from Hialeah — so you know she keeps it real.

On the June 1 episode of Sundial, Stuart joined us to talk to us about how she's channeling her childhood love of performance into her teaching career.

On Sundial's previous episode, we were joined by Kunya Rowley, the founder and artistic director of Hued Songs, who's directing and producing the third annual Juneteenth Experience at the Miami Beach Bandshell.

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