Food to die for and a scandalous coin caper

Oct 9, 2018

8pm DEATH IN PARADISE - Crime drama - Investigations into murders on the beautiful, but fictional,  Caribbean island of Saint Marie. 

DAMNED IF YOU DO - Saint Marie Heritage Society celebrate the island's history with a meal, but all the guests end up with food poisoning. When the president of the society dies from a significant amount more of the poisoning, a murder investigation begins, with Humphrey looking at the guests motives. Only an hour before his death, the president rang Humphrey saying somebody was trying to murder him. Humphrey learns that the president's son argued with him just hours before his death, while the society's secretary, Teresa, was stealing the society's funds. As he continues to work to solve the mystery, Humphrey's strong feelings for Camille peak.

 8:50pm SOUTH FLORIDA CRIME TO CRIMEHistory of true South Florida crimes. 


THE CASE OF THE CLINKING BRASSIERES - A 1950's theft ring in which women who worked in the counting room of Miami's Southern Bell Telephone Company would stash rolls of quarters in their bra.  The money was stolen before it was placed in coin counting machines, which made it almost impossible to determine how much had been taken.  Southern Bell was embarrassed and reluctant to press charges.  After an audit, it was estimated that $100,000 in quarters was taken from The Southern Bell Telephone Company.  News of this scandal spread like wildfire and it became nationally known as the "Case of The Clinking Brassieres".