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Shady Ancestors

Finding Your Roots

Criminal Kind - The family histories of Laura Linney, Lisa Ling and Soledad O'Brien reveal tricksters, scoundrels and criminals.

Sunday 8pm - FINDING YOUR ROOTS - History/Culture - Henry Louis Gates, Jr. explores the roots of actor Laura Linney and journalists Lisa Ling and Soledad O'Brien — telling them stories of tricksters, scoundrels and outright criminals, who nevertheless laid the groundwork for their success.

9pm POWER TRIP: THE STORY OF ENERGY - Science - Power Trip uncovers the hidden energy that is embedded in our modern way of life, revealed as the underlying force behind water, food, wealth, cities, transportation and war.

WAR - Energy can be both the cause and the instrument of modern war. Advances in energy have historically arisen during the urgency of wartime. Energy done the right way can lead to peace, energy done the wrong way leads to instability and conflict. WAR traces a centuries-long journey across the world to show us how energy changed the way we fight wars.

10pm NOVA: TOUCHING THE ASTEROID - Science - Spacecraft OSIRIS-REx attempts to grab a piece of an asteroid to bring back to Earth so scientists can study it to learn about the planet's origins.

NOVA takes viewers inside the mission as the team embarks on a daunting quest that pushes the boundaries of what robotic space crafts like OSIRIS-REx are capable of. The film offers a clear-eyed look into the painstaking work that goes into answering, piece-by-piece, big questions about how our solar system was made and how life on Earth began.

Mia Laurenzo is a 35-year veteran of public television in Miami. She began her career learning every aspect of video production. Currently she is a writer, producer, on-air host and promotions coordinator for TV, radio and the web.  Her experiences include producing for a series, special events and historical documentaries.  As a native Floridian, she is a perfect fit for South Florida's Storyteller Station, WLRN.  She has produced several award winning, nationally distributed documentaries and is the recipient of three Suncoast Regional Emmys.  
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