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A Hare-y Situation Turns Deadly At A Local Pet Show

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When Barnaby and Winter find a dead body covered in live rabbits, a sinister side to the local pet show is revealed. Is this a case of rivalry taken too far?

9pm MIDSOMER MURDERS - Crime Drama

Red In Tooth & Claw - At the annual Bellville Hall Small Pet Show, a local estate agent is found stabbed to death amid a herd of escaped rabbits. Could the killer have been an animal-rights activist, or was he or she after one of the prize-winning pets?

Midsomer Murders 1907

Barnaby is called to Belville Hall small pets show after young estate agent Seb Huntington is murdered, seemingly trying to stop a saboteur releasing the animals. Seb had been in dispute with obsessive rabbit breeder Tim Benson over the sale of his house following his split from wife Ailsa and was also, unsuccessfully, trying to persuade the show's organizer Delphi Hartley to let him sell her house. None of them have alibis. When Tim's prize stud rabbit is stolen he blames Seb's boss and rival exhibitor Cleo Langton but she too bites the dust. Then Barnaby discovers that Seb was the actual saboteur, making any supporter of the show a suspect. When a third victim is claimed it becomes evident that nature is not the only thing that is red in tooth and claw.