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Brews and Clues Lead A Murder Investigation

Inspectors Barnaby and Winter look into a new brewery that has set up inside a supposedly haunted Abbey.

Tuesday 9pm MIDSUMER MURDERS - Crime Drama
The ancient Causton Abbey is now a brewery, but the old curse is still active: one person is found boiled to death in one of the vats shortly after a party to launch a new ale.

Midsomer Murders...Season 20

Causton is abuzz when a new brewery opens on the site of a famously cursed Abbey, but excitement turns to fear when a man is found boiled to death in one of the vats. DCI Barnaby and DS Winter will need to work out the true motive.

 Midsomer Murders

The year is 1535, and Causton Abbey is a hive of activity as the monks prepare for Brother Jozef's execution. After being accused of poisoning the monks' beer, Brother Jozef has been sentenced to death by being boiled alive. As he is lowered into a bubbling boiling vat, he curses the Abbey for all eternity.

Nearly 500 years later, the building is in the process of restoration thanks to its new owners, sisters Emani and Faiza, along with the help of Emani's husband Paul. It is slowly transforming into the 'Cursed Ale Microbrewery. Despite its new décor, there is still a sense amongst the villagers that the land is cursed, a concern voiced most publicly by Paul's mother Irene. And worse - the Brewery is under attack by the longstanding Real Ale Society run by brewing fanatic Russell Grundy.

Fears of the 'cursed' land seem to be justified when Irene arrives at the brewery the next day to find someone has been boiled to death in a kettle vat of beer, echoing the death of Brother Jozef!


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