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A Sticky Situation Turns Deadly

On Midsomer Murders, Detectives Barnaby and Winter are called to the stately home of a master beekeeper after he is injured attempting to apprehend a thief.

9pm Tuesday MIDSOMER MURDERS – Crime Drama
The Sting of Death - The Deddington's thriving bee empire has put Granville Norton on the map, but when there are reports of missing bees and one of the locals is found stung to death, it becomes clear that they will go to any length to ensure they're never dethroned.


Beautiful manor house, Apley Court, on the edge of the village of Granville Norton is home to historic hives that produce 'Apley Gold' honey; a valuable top of the range honey. Bee obsessive Lord of the manor Ambrose Deddington, the eighth generation of honey producers at Apley Court, is a survivor of a life-threatening cancer, for which he cites a combination of Apley Gold and bee venom from his famous bees as his savior. And with the unyielding support of his sister Tamara, his faith in its extraordinary healing power has brought Ambrose success, wealth, and a dedicated following of Apitherapy devotees.

For years now Ambrose has maintained his status as top dog of the village, with his wealth and aristocratic title ensuring his position. But that position comes under threat when he and his precious hives are attacked by a masked assailant.

When Barnaby and Winter are called in to investigate, the village doctor Serena is found dead on the village green, her head and neck entirely covered in bees. They discover she had been hit on the head and covered in 'swarm lure' - an elixir that is used to lure bees. It looks like someone was trying to send a message, and the pressure is on to work out from who and why before the killer has a chance to strike again.



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