The Evils of War

Jul 8, 2018

8 pm OPERATION FOXLEYMission: Liquidate Hitler History

Throughout his time as head of the Nazi party, Adolph Hitler evaded numerous attempts to assassinate him. However the secret Operation Foxely came the closest to succeeding. Based on declassified World War II documents from the British secret service, this award-winning film reconstructs the detailed plan that nearly resulted in the murder of the notorious German Fuhrer, and why it failed.

9pm WORLD WAR II: Price of EmpireHistory

The Beginning of the End – The momentum behind the allies increases as the Red Army begins its remorseless advance that will end in Berlin.

The Allied leaders, including Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin, are confident enough to meet for the first conference in which the coordination of their efforts is discussed, at Casablanca. As 1943 moves into 1944 the momentum behind the Allies simply increases. An entire Japanese Division is destroyed at sea (The Battle of the Bismark Sea) and the Red Army begins its remorseless advance that will end in Berlin.  


In a quest for world domination, the Nazis built some of the biggest and deadliest pieces of military hardware and malevolent technology in history. The series, Nazi Mega Weapons, tells the story of Germany’s engagement in World War II from a unique perspective, uncovering the engineering secrets of iconic mega structures, telling the stories of the engineers who designed them and revealing how these structures sparked a technological revolution that changed warfare forever.

THE SS - One of the most terrifying cults the world has seen, the SS has humble beginnings as Hitler’s personal bodyguard. But under the leadership of it Heinrich Himmler it becomes a terrifying cult that engineers Hitler’s vision for a new Germany and an Aryan race. The SS is responsible for the creation of the concentration camps that will become the sites of mass murder.