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Palm Beach County Health Director Warns Residents About Mutated COVID-19 Strain As Vaccinations Ramp Up

Palm Beach County director of the Florida Department of Health Dr.Alina Alonso
Palm Beach County director of the Florida Department of Health Dr.Alina Alonso

The director of Palm Beach County's branch of the state health department says, as vaccinations ramp up, people should continue mitigation efforts to avoid new virus strain.

Palm Beach County's health director is greatly concerned about the mutated coronavirus strain that spreads more easily.

Speaking at a county commission meeting Tuesday, Dr. Alina Alonso said the variant strain is making officials worried because so many people are traveling to the state.

"So we just have to be extra, extra, careful because we do not want this virulent virus to spread," Alonso said. "That could be disastrous. And that could put us into another wave."

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Dr. Alonso said the vaccines are still effective on the strain so far, and that additional doses are still around in Palm Beach County.

"There's rumors going around that the second doses are not here — that they’ve disappeared — all kinds of crazy stuff out on the internet," she said. "We have no shortage of second doses. Everybody who's got a first dose can get their second dose. We recommend that they go back to the place where they got the first dose cause that’s who’s going to have their vaccine."

With more than 190,000 people vaccinated, health officials say the county continues to lead the state — based on percentage of the population vaccinated.

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