The Best Place for Good Storytelling is WLRN-TV

Aug 19, 2016

WLRN-TV is the best place to be for an in-depth look into Florida's colorful past.   As your Storyteller Station, WLRN is committed to bringing you the very best in original programming.  Only here does history come to life through fascinating and often untold stories, like PLIGHT OF THE PLUME BIRDS, which is part of an on-going series of short films about Florida's rich history.  Be on the lookout for other WLRN award-winning short films which often air between our regularly scheduled Prime Time programming. These include THE MAN WHO BUILT MIAMI BEACH, THE FIRST MIAMIANS and WHO KILLED LENO & LOUISE


PLIGHT OF THE PLUME BIRDS tells the story of how at the turn of the 19th century wading birds of the Everglades came close to extinction as plume hunters slaughtered them for the rapacious millinery.  Birds were being killed by the millions to provide feathers to decorate women's hats.  The slaughter became a national scandal and led to the birth of the conservation movement in the United States.  In 1903, conservation-minded President Theodore Roosevelt established Pelican Island, Florida, as the first national wildlife refuge in the United States. 

WLRN-TV also produces full-length documentaries like...

STREETS OF WYNWOOD about the colorful impact of street art on the once-run-down, now up-and-coming Miami warehouse neighborhood that has become an annual Mecca for the world's urban artists.

OCEANS OF PINK - How dragon boat racing has become a fast-growing sport among breast cancer survivors across Florida.

BOCA RATON: THE SECRET WEAPON THAT WON WORLD WAR II - How a small Florida town and a tiny device turned the tide of World War II.

WLRN-TV is the best place to be for good storytelling!  To see more original programs, click here.