National Poetry Month


On this Monday, April 27, episode of Sundial:

When Should Florida Reopen? 

Florida is experiencing a bit of an identity crisis. 

Tuesday is the last day of April and that means the end of National Poetry Month. 

Here in South Florida we’ve been marking this month with your five-lined 'Zip Odes.' These are poems in which the number of words per line is determined by the digits in your zip code.

For example, if you live in Boca Raton and your zip code is 33433, a corresponding Zip Ode would have five lines: three words, three words, four words, three words and three words. 

Over the past five weeks, we received more than 2,300 Zip Odes. 

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Richard Blanco is coming home. Wherever that is. What the poet has learned -- as the son of Cuban exiles growing up in Miami, then wandering, traveling and living around the country, and getting chosen to read his poem "One Today" at President Obama's second inauguration -- is that the idea of home is something that shifts. 

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It’s National Poetry month and O, Miami has a series of events planned around the county to celebrate the art form.

Leslie Ovalle / WLRN News

South Florida is known for welcoming those fleeing economic and political strife in their homeland. Cubans, Venezuelans and Haitians arrive to an already established community with a shared language and culture.


But what about those refugees that come to South Florida from other parts of the world less represented in our area, like Syria?


So Much Love! South Florida Food Inspires Almost 600 Edible Odes

Apr 25, 2017

Who says this is not a town of foodies? Poets of all ages answered WLRN and O,Miami's call and submitted 595 Edible Odes to the foods that make South Florida home. 

the Miami Herald

April is coming and that means poetry.  We recently talked with founder and director of O, Miami, Scott Cunningham, about this year’s upcoming festival.



Can you tell me about some of the cool ways you're pushing poetry the upcoming month?

Lisann Ramos

Elementary students in Liberty City are getting lessons from a professional poet through the O, Miami poetry festival.

For four weeks students at Orchard Villa Elementary are getting a crash course in poetry from an actual poet.

“This is my first time knowing about poetry, and it is fun. And I get to write my own poetry stories and we could talk about our family,” said Kindra Oriental, a third grader.

Oriental is one of the students in the third grade class learning from poet Laurel Nakanishi.

Share A Poem In Braille With O, Miami

Apr 15, 2015

Secret Sonnets is an O, Miami poetry festival project that translates poems into braille.

The author sends a poem to South Plantation High School student Connor Grey. Connor uses a text-to- speech program to hear the poem and transcribe it on a braille typewriter. He also enlists the help of his school's braille club as well as volunteers from Lighthouse Miami and Lighthouse Broward. 

The braille poems are anonymously sent to a recipient of the author’s choosing in Miami-Dade County.

Connor Grey started this project to spread awareness about the blind community.

#ThisIsWhere Poetry Contest Winners

May 2, 2014
Elaine Chen / WLRN

We announced our contest winners at the #ThisIsWhere finale at Miami Club Rum on Wednesday, April 30. This is where we share them with you.

Read the winning poems below and watch three of our winners recite their poems above. Then stick around for an extra poem about one of South Floridians' favorite experiences.

Vote For Your Favorite #ThisIsWhere Poem!

Apr 24, 2014

We've reached the finals of our #ThisIsWhere poetry contest!
Scroll down to see the popular-vote finalists.

Mark Hedden

This is where the end of the #ThisIsWhere poetry submissions snuck up on us. For weeks we've been awash in a sea of words, poetic descriptions of everything from sunrises to lizards to — in this week's selection — a blessed urinal. And now we've suddenly found ourselves at the far shore, maybe a little wiser, but definitely more compelled to think of things in extended metaphors.

What Everyone Is Reading April 6-12

Apr 14, 2014
Rick Stone

In honor of creative writing, and because it's still National Poetry Month, here's a whimsical headline combining all the stories from this past week's top-five:

"Cuban tabloid tweets Charlie Crist will be writing a poem about the possible end of greyhound racing in Florida."

Luckily, that's a piece of fiction.

Winners And Losers Halfway Through Session

Apr 11, 2014
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Florida lawmakers are more than half finished with the legislative session. Will they deliver on Governor Scott’s goal of $500 million in tax cuts?  

Support has been building for allowing undocumented immigrants to pay in-state college tuition. And how are lawmakers responding to the deaths of hundreds of kids involved in the state child welfare system?

No one will mistake law writing for poetry, but April is National Poetry Month.  WLRN listeners celebrate our slice of the Sunshine State in verse for our This Is Where poetry contest.