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  • The third season of the tense political thriller OBRA premieres May 13th on WLRN Passport.
  • With her beauty, love of freedom and promise to give the Habsburg monarchy a gentler face, this legendary empress inspired the whole of the continent.Witness the rise of Empress Elisabeth of Austria--Sisi--from the perspective of her closest confidants.
  • Tis the season for drama! We're referring to the drama available on WLRN Passport. Watch whatever you want, whenever you want. Don't worry if the options seem overwhelming; we've simplified it for you. Here's a list of great shows we think are binge worthy.
  • Stream all five seasons of Unforgotten on WLRN Passport when you become a member of WLRN-TV.
  • Based on the unfinished novel by Jane Austen, this romantic drama centers on a young woman who moves to a new town to start a fresh life. Once she arrives, she finds not only a new love interest but discovers a strength in herself she never knew existed.
  • Binge all three seasons of this incredible drama based on the classic novels by James Herriot. This series chronicles the heartwarming and humorous adventures of a country vet who lives and works in Yorkshire in the late 1930s.
  • A Flamenco dancer from Seville and a businessman from Rome can't stop having visions of each other after they accidentally bump into each other at the Prague Airport.
  • Working together in a crime-solving partnership, brilliant young English doctor Max Liebermann and tenacious Detective Inspector Oskar Rheinhardt investigate a series of unusual and disturbing murders.
  • Veterinarian James Herriot is back with new creatures and crises in All Creatures Great and Small Season 3.
  • Set in 1920s Seville, where Teresa, a woman with a mysterious past, flees to a young girls' academy with a secret goal related to the academy itself. This series portrays the journey of brave women finding their own voice. In season 2, Teresa returns to school after being found innocent of her father’s murder. Her struggles, though, are far from over, as she deals with new secrets and new threats to the Academy.
  • In occupied France, 17-year-old Lili encounters war before love, and joins the Resistance. Through the interconnecting destinies of its teenage heroes, this six-episode series tells the story of young people going to any lengths to defend their country.
  • Binge the first season of this Spanish language period drama now. Set in an academy for young ladies in Seville, Spain in the 1920s, the arrival of a new teacher with unique methods inspires a group of young women to see the world from a different perspective.