Sherrilyn Cabrera

Intern, Spring 2019

During her time at Florida International University, where she recently earned a B.S. in Journalism, Sherrilyn Cabrera interned for the South Florida News Service - a digital journalism platform where stories are written, photographed and edited by FIU students. As part of her senior project, she reported on the influx of Puerto Ricans who migrated to Florida after Hurricane Maria, and the potential impact on the November 2018 midterm elections.

Growing up in a Latino household, Spanish-language TV news stations were on constantly, and she found herself being captivated by the many stories and issues facing South Florida and Latin America. This definitively influenced her pursuit of journalism and it has inspired her interest in reporting on immigration, social justice and Latino issues.

Sherrilyn is a Miami native, born and raised. During her free time, you can catch her listening to investigative podcasts in her car, watching movies next to her cat, looking for late-night food, or geeking out about coffee with local baristas.

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The union representing 14 former Broward College faculty counselors has filed an unfair labor practice complaint against the college.


Days after George Floyd was killed by Minneapolis police, sparking protests across the country against police brutality, Amanda Valdespino posted a message to the Miami Springs community Facebook page.

She shared how frustrated she was with her community and local officials’ silence surrounding racism and violent acts by police.


On this Tuesday, June 9, episode of Sundial:

Drive-in Theaters Make A Comeback

Movie theaters are now allowed to reopen across the state — but not in most parts of South Florida. In Broward, they are set to reopen June 15. Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties haven’t announced any plans to reopen movie theaters yet. 

Matias J. Ocner / Miami Herald

On this Thursday, May 28, episode of Sundial:

Congresswoman Debbie Mucarsel-Powell Visits Keys Nursing Home

Last week, U.S. Democratic Congresswoman Debbie Mucarsel-Powell visited a nursing home in the Keys where COVID-19 is spreading amongst patients and employees, and where a series of deaths were reported and linked to the virus.

Daniel Rivero / WLRN

On this Tuesday, May 26, episode of Sundial:

Felons Voting Rights

U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle ruled on Sunday that the requirement by the state that all former felons must pay back all fines and fees before registering to vote was unconstitutional. As many as 800,000 felons across the state of Florida could be impacted by the ruling. The high profile court case has been followed across the country for the ramifications it could have on the November 2020 election — and beyond.

Miami International Airport

On this Thursday, May 21, episode of Sundial:

What Will Air Travel Look Like At MIA?

Airlines and major international airports across South Florida have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. There have been severe restrictions on international travel, and the number of people taking flights across the U.S. has significantly dropped.

Creative Commons

For high school seniors across South Florida, the usually memorable last few months of their final school year were cut short because of the coronavirus pandemic, as schools shut down their campuses.

Chris Cutro / Miami Herald

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What Does The Future Hold For The High School Graduating Class Of 2020?

High school seniors across South Florida are weeks away from graduating. But for many, post-graduation plans look a lot different because of the coronavirus pandemic.


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What Will Palm Beach County Schools Look Like In The Fall?

Palm Beach County serves nearly 200,000 students in its public school system. And all of those students have had to adjust to distance learning since the coronavirus pandemic forced the closure of schools across South Florida.


On this Wednesday, May 13, episode of Sundial: 

What Will Broward County Schools Look Like In The Fall?

Broward County Schools, like other school districts across the state, have transitioned to distance learning since the coronavirus pandemic began and school campuses closed.

Wilkine Brutus / WLRN

On this Tuesday, May 12, episode of Sundial: 

Palm Beach County Reopens

Palm Beach County is first in South Florida to reopen. At phase one of reopening, salons and barbershops took in appointments, restaurants started functioning at 25 percent capacity and some retail stores began letting in customers.

Jose A. Iglesias and Matias J. Ocner / Miami Herald

On this Monday, May 11, episode of Sundial: 

State Officials Stopped Releasing COVID-19 Death Data Compiled By Florida’s Medical Examiner

The Tampa Bay Times recently reported that the death count for COVID-19, provided by state medical examiners, was 10 percent higher than the numbers provided by the Florida Department of Health. 

Pedro Portal / Miami Herald

As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise in South Florida, some wonder whether there is enough medical equipment, such as ventilators, in local hospitals. Being at full capacity could eventually lead to health care rationing. 


Homeless shelters across South Florida continue to serve the most vulnerable during the coronavirus outbreak. But the economic shock could keep people who are still awaiting a chance for shelter on the streets.


Jenny Staletovich / WLRN

As businesses shut indefinitely to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, thousands of workers around South Florida are facing an uncertain future.